I think it's ok to split the difference between art criticism and recommendations by calling it a critique. If you request a critique, you are saying, "What is your reaction to my work; is there anything you think I ought to consider from a technical or aesthetic point of view that would make it better?"

At some level, we want our photographs to communicate something, i.e., elicit an emotional reaction. Our choice of format, subject matter, where we set up the camera, choice of B&W or Color, choice of film, paper and process could all have been done differently. Our cropping, tonal range, presentation, likewise.

We are emotionally involved in our image before anyone else is, this can lead to blind spots based on our emotional investment in the image. I remember showing an image that was fairly mediocre but being very nonobjective about it. I remembered carrying the view camera down the ravine, getting eaten alive by bugs and standing in the water to make it. A "disinterested" (in the good sense) observer didn't experience any of this; they just saw a photo that should have never made it out of the darkroom.

There are a range of reasons to ask for a critique, from, "I think I've done something significant here, does the Greek chorus agree?" to "This one is close, but I think I'm missing something, can you offer suggestions?"

Generally, people asking for a critique are looking for an honest, if polite, response. We create as individuals and have our own blind spots. A well done critique should motivate a person to keep at it and will suggest ways to look at the world differently. Hypothetically, if I were looking a portrait you took, I might say, "This is really good, the expression you captured makes the person an individual. However, if you cropped a little off the left side, you'd eliminate that large, out of focus, highlight that's fighting for attention with the face." You had been spending so much time getting the exposure on the face exactly right, you weren't even looking at the left hand edge of the picture.

You should be careful whom you ask for a critique/opinion, otherwise all your your picts will be of warm puppies.