Well, Kids... May is fast coming on and I am starting to clear the plate for the run up to this year's gathering in June. We now have over 60 people registered and although it seems unlikely everyone will make it, there will still be a pretty good group. And now that the weather is finally turning for the good here in good ole Michigan, I'm really starting to get excited about meeting up with all of you this summer for some shooting and an all around good time.

Just to recap a bit, Dan Henderson will be leading a day-trip into the UP and will be the guy to contact about that. And Jeff and Eva Bannow will be working out the details of a print exchange to include all those willing to throw a finished print into the pot. There will be more information on this coming as well.

As always there will be opportunities to share your work with others, so be sure to bring a portfolio. It doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't have to be matted... just throw it in a box and bring it along. And if there is anyone out there willing to give a more formal presentation, please let me know soon so I can work you into the schedule. A laptop and a digital projector will be provided and all you'll need is a PDF, Powerpoint or Keynote presentation prepared. Maybe it is a retrospective of work, or just a new project you're working on, but you'll not find a better, more interested audience to share your work.

Before going, I'd like to solicit any ideas from all of you coming. As was earlier mentioned, this is going to be a more low-key, relaxing event, but that doesn't mean we can't have a few scheduled plans.

Also... Are you a photographic entrepreneur with a product to show? You are more than welcome. Just get ahold of me via my website and we'll find a place for you.

That's all for now. I'll try to get a newsletter out to all registrants soon. Also, if you haven't registered and still plan to come, you can do so at the Website.


Thanks! Looking forward....