I am looking for Kodak C-41 chemicals that can be used in a single-use (or one shot) work flow, I am working with a Colenta 60 AT. Actually, I want a C-41 version of the 'Single-Use Chemistry Kit Process E-6' CAT 525 6763 I am using for ages now.
I went on the Kodak website but could not find the info I was looking for, there was no phone number for the Benelux either, all contact possibilities were for digital applications... The selection criteria for sending a E-mail via the (Belgian) Kodak website weren't really working for color film processing too. The kodak resale agent for the Benelux could not help me neither, he did not know what "single-use or one-shot" was...
Is there a E-mail address leading me to the right service at Kodak-Eastman Rochester where I can ask my questions?

Thank you,