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I really could not use this Rollei 35 S camera. And I have no lightmeter and it makes everything more complicated........................

A good light meter would cost you about the same as a few rolls of film but will save you many rolls of film over time by properly exposing them. I highly recommend buying one, you will not regret it.

As for color and the eye, your eye is a camera, but it is connected to a huge light, color and exposure computer called your brain. When you look at a scene you think you only look once, but your brain looks several times and each time it takes in different information and then provides you with the image that you "see" by filling in all the information it can from each of several images. Film can not do this, film looks once, and has to be exposed for only one light setting. You can shoot and process for whatever you want to, but you can't get the film to expose for several diffident types of lighting, there will always be some sort of compromise.

FYI: In the late 1800's a photographer who's name I can not remember did experiments with shooting several frames of film then used masking and cutting to produce a photograph of what his eye was seeing at the time. It is a complicated process, but it can be done.