Look for a copy of the book "Conservation of Photographs". It is by the people at Kodak and the George Eastman House collection. It covers this topic well.
It's also over 25 years old.

I personally think that photographs should be attached completely to a backing board, like they are in drymounting. Museum curators can bite their nails all they want; that's their job not mine. However, drymounting becomes difficult for large prints. In particular I will need to mount some 20x24 and larger RC (gasp) silver prints in the near future. It would be nice to know what wet-mounting options there are available in 2011, and how well they work and how they can be expected to last. I know in The Print Ansel goes over wet-mounting FB prints using, if I remember correctly, regular white glue. I doubt that would work for RC prints so I'm looking at either 3M spray or some other sticky product.