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The last 5 liter kit I used was maybe 10 months after being bought but well with the expiration date. No question the color was deep amber, but it worked well enough.
So tell me, what color would you expect from fresh chemistry? Like I said, the 13.5 liter stuff mixed up to light golden color.
I've just checked the JOBO/ Tetenal C-41 5 Liter Kit I have - JOBO Part #109310 (? - from memory) and I can't find anything resembling an "Expiration Date". You have one on yours? Where did you buy the kit?

If perfect, I think the Color Developer concentrate would be "straw" colored -- there is a LOT of leeway here, apparently ... In the last kit I opened the concentrate was brown - definitely brown. Mixed, it is faintly light, light brown - and worked very well.

Lately, I've been using the 1 Liter C-41 "Press Pak" - dry chemicals - for the shelf life. I've been able to "cheat" successfully, using 250ml of chemistry in a JOBO 1500 Series tank to process two (2) rolls of 120, - therefore 8 rolls/ liter - instead of the 270 ml stated by JOBO. This stuff works well. I wish I could get dry RA-4 chemistry.