Alright, sorry guys, I am around, just got a baby taking up a bit of time at the moment (selfish little things that they are...).

For my order, I've decided I'm going to go with B&H, can't knock a further $60 saving! If you're interested in anything from there, zap me over a pm, all going well I will try to get the order off this afternoon. Like Gary said, if we keep it to film, it could come through a whole lot quicker, and possibly cheaper on the postage front (ie, smaller package footprint than if we start throwing papers in).

Zap me a PM with your email address and shopping list and we'll continue from there via email. Depending on the size of your shopping lists, I may need to ask for payment to be sent through to me straight away, usually I've just worn it until the goods arrive and we work out the local postage costs in divvying it up, but again, new family additions have reduced the amount of floating cash I can grab without transferring dosh around.

Just to make sure I don't jump the gun and miss anyone (because I realise this is a bit of late notice, saying I'll send it off this afternoon), if you've expressed interest here, but do not wish to jump on board with an order to B&H, just pop in to let us know, so we know you've decided not to order, as opposed to not seeing this message and getting left behind!

Thanks guys, have a great weekend.