Howdy all,

First a bit of a confession. The only time I have ever shot in my home studio (small 3 light monoblock setup, in my garage) it has been digital.

Last weekend, I decided to finish off a roll of Delta 100 (in my Koni-Omega) in the studio. I have just developed the film and I have to admit I am rather disappointed by the negs. They are of a bit of a horrible density and to me, they lack any contrast what so ever. Sure, I haven't printed them, but to me they don't even look like they are worth the hassle (out of focus as well.....grrr). To measure exposure, I used a light meter and set the camera accordingly (ironically, I started doing this with the digi burner and got much better results then shoot and chimp!), but they look too mid toned. The light setup I tried was a Paramount setup with two lights at the back and each side with small bowl type reflectors and a third light with a soft box mounted higher and dead in front. (if you check my flickr stream in my signature , you will see some of the digi shots using this setup, you will just need to scroll down a bit.)

Can anyone give me any starter tips for black and white in the studio? How should I meter? Should I over expose? If so, how much? What would be the best film to start with?

As for out of focus...yes, I know its technique, but I simply cannot get used to using a range finder in this kind of environment. I feel a case of GAS.

Out in the field and even with incident flash, I like the way I have progressed. I would have thought studio would have been OK, considering I am in control of everything...sigh