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No, I do understand. In all honesty, the 90mm was probably a bit too short. It would have been better with the longer lens, but I would have run out of room

I probably need to make some decent flagging screens. Might have to find some sheets of cardboard or 3mm mdf and paint them matt black on one side and possibly white on the other.
It is definitely easier to catch flare, and harder to isolate it, with a wider lens IME. I shot something once on 8x10 with a 240 lens (a bit wide), and caught a bit of flare on the top left corner of the frame coming from a backlight. I reshot with a 360 lens (more or less normal) and it want away.

Does your lens have a hood?

Attaching grids to the backlights would probably help you to isolate their beams. Though the light in the case I mentioned was gridded.