It looks to me that your problem is that you're over-lighting your subject, and the choice of clothing (all light colors) doesn't help.

Your key light - the light that illuminates your subject's face - should be the brightest light and thus the higher f-number. Yours, as you said, is around f/8 to f/11.
Your fill light - the light that fills in shadows and gives dimensionality to your subject - should be weaker, by usually a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio to the main light. You said yours was set to f/5.6.

Thus, your fill lights are both brighter than your main, which is why the white quilted hood on your subject is starting to blow out. Notice how the inside of the hood around her face is nearly glowing from the fill lights? That shouldn't be happening. Try switching the power levels so that your main is at f/5.6 and your fills are f/8 to f/11, and you might see a little more contrast. If some of the girl's clothing was darker, it would "eat" (absorb) some of the excess light and would help bring up contrast. You haven't posted your film pictures, just the digitals, so that's what I'm basing my judgements on. :-)