Hi Les,

I was thinking about getting the ZoneVI safelight. What do you think about this one? And does anyone have one of these?


"The revolutionary Zone VI Duo-Safe B&W Safelight addresses the special limitations of variable contrast papers while at the same time realizing that many printers still use graded papers, and appreciate brighter levels of darkroom illumination. With the Duo-Safe, the simple flick of a switch can optimize the safe, but very different levels (about 3-stops) of illumination required for graded papers or for variable contrast materials.

The Duo-Safe maintains this safe output throughout its incredibly long life of approximately 100,000 hours by using LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, specifically and precisely regulated to the safe spectral requirements of black-and-white paper. You’ll never have to replace burned-out bulbs or expensive fade-prone filters again.

To insure consistent output the circuit is actually voltage stabilized to overcome line fluctuations"