Thanks for your kind words Hoffy & Kevin - I am still a bit depressed about that camera...!

The prints, on the other hand... Here's a few comments for my group:

1. "The Uralla Mainline" - Tomalophicon - Well, I'm a sucker for fibre print tone, fog and railway photos, so this print just has all the essential ingredients for me. Love it.
2. "Untitled snowy Canadian photo" - Bob Walberg - Skillful printing that you can still see tone in the lightest bits of snow - and the dense, leafless branch detail of the birch trees is really nicely captured. I want to visit there... perhaps in summer though.
3. "Echo's Witness Arthouse 2010" - Timk - I remember the Arthouse... My guitar amp used to buzz during gigs as the trams went by... I am impressed with the facial detail, and the way it looms out of absolute black - that could almost be a crop in itself!!
4. "Untitled" - Michael W - Ralph Lambrecht put me onto this great German photographer who makes infrared photos of Castles (with a Linhof 617), and that's got me a bit keen on infrared lately. This picture is so otherworldly - I like how the foliage tonally dominates the picture in such a strange way.
5. "Eagle - Modern Ambrotype" - Andrew K - I find it hard to "love" inkjet prints, but I would love to see an actual ambrotype of this picture - all the ones you see in "View Camera" magazine seem to be of circus folk and frontier types (surely an exaggeration!), so it's a refreshing composition in this style.
6. "Holga pic" - Andrew K - How have you made this? Using a Holga, or a DSLR as in the description? Again, as an inkjet print, I reckon it suffers (for me) in being in a pile of darkroom prints that the tone and texture of the paper can be compared against. That said, I would like to see the negative as a darkroom print!
7. "Restored Couta Boat" - SMBooth - Timeless, clean and graphic image! The boat and the water are so pictorially clean, it's almost like a computer render. But it's not and thus means you're just jolly clever.

Another great exchange everybody - looking forward to round #4...