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Hi all,
1. Which format do you print in MF? Do you use standard square frames and passepartouts (not often very reliable at cheap costs)? Do you use a self cutting passepartout or similar?
Its all custome, but I use a Logan passepartout cuter, which cuts perfect passepartouts in minutes. I also visit a lot of second hand shops/markets and pick up frames for $2-50$ (depending on the frame) which has some horrible painting/drawing/photo inside and just convert it to my use. You can find a lot of really good frames for $2-$5 dollar which has really bad paint work but otherwise in really good condition. A bit of paint remover and a can of black spray paint and you have a really nice looking frame.
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2. What do you do with all the picture you make? An album? gifts to friends ? business?
1: Framed which is either hung on my wall, at the photo club (we have a gallery), sold or if a friend like it might en up as a gift
2: In my slip case portfolio (i use the one from silverprint), this is use to show galleries and other that might be interested
3: Storage, I use the portfolio box from silverprint. These are prints that I like, it might be a work in progress and this print is done, or it might be a work that I have finished but not 100% happy with, but still want to save it. I note in my print journal were a specific print is stored/sold/kept.

A picture I am working with I have it posted (non framed to start with) in my daylight room or home office, so I can look at it and make notes what I want to change. For me it takes 1-2 weeks of random looking at a print to figure out were i want to go.