I am the owner of Frame Destination, Inc. and we have lots of picture mounting information on our website here: photo mounting techniques

If I have white border space around the image I will often just use photo or mounting corners. If I do not I will use a modified version of the t-hinge but I will apply the hinging tape to the back of the mat and instead of the mounting or backing board so that I do not have to worry about making the t.

A museum will be more likely to use something like a water activated wheat starch based adhesive and Japanese hinging tissue. That is done so that the print can be completely removed from the frame and restored to its original condition. Very weak hinging tissue is used so that if the print gets stressed the tissue will tear before the print does. This is critical for some rare artwork, but not for my prints so I just use an acid free hinging tape that may not be 100% reversible, but is not introducing harmful chemicals into the frame package.