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Seems to me you've got a situation not unlike the anglo invasion of native north americans (aka "indians") in the US. If all non-indians were to leave the borders of the US right now, it's not as if all the historical indian nations would instantly flourish and return to their former stature.
This sort of specualtion shows up daily on the radio in Hawai'i -- plans to restore the monarchy, demote all non-blood-hawaiians to second class citizens (not booted out, but not permitted to own property either), etc. People actually take this seriously for some reason, ignoring all the realities of their own history (that the ali'i priveleged class married quickly into the european settlers to solidify their power base, for example). One can only imagine if the US pulled out of Hawai'i, the People's Republic of Maui would be launching scuds at Imperial Oahu and Big Island rebels inside of six months