Thanks for the Etsy link. It looks like a nice way to market handmade goods. I question tho how many image buyers would actually cruise the site since you have so many photo specific sites with work by many professionals.

I ran across this link, in a search which talks about various firms offering mincrostock sales. From what I have read so far, it's all based on image downloads, many times as buyer subscriptions, and sometimes without restrictions on usage or even term of usage. Sales include editorial and commercial images and video footage.

Here is a link to Shutterstock ( one of the bigger players and at the bottom on the right there are information links. Interesting to read. In the glorious world of online advertising everything is related as microstock being such a money making opportunity. I would like to know what the microstock agency makes themselves and what they pay you. I'm sure they're making out. So my question to Sean is why can't we do it as a collective? Outside of the financial doings it can't be that hard and I believe APUG/DPUG could use the income as well. It probably would have to be setup on DPUG just because of the digital factors in sales.