I used to dry mount also, with archival tissue, and do agree that there is a nice quality to the flatness. But I kept getting comments from gallery owners and framers (not just archivists) that many art purchasers do not like the idea of a permanently mounted piece, just because they might want to re-frame it later. Yes, they can offer to obtain a loose print, but then the deal can't be made on the spot, and might be lost.
I started printing with a 1/2 inch border, and cutting an over-matte which reveals about half of that border (I use linen tape to tape the top of the print to the back of the matte, so no worry about lining up the matte to the backing). I keep the prints flat until just ready to matte and frame. I have to say, unless you are right up on the print, it looks just as good on the gallery wall. Most of my stuff is 16x20, or the square equivalent.