I received Frank S's "Clown" postcard, and I think he's toned it in tea or something. the reason I say this is the back is also discoloured. Alternatively, he waved it over the fixer tray and it's half-life is a week or so!

When I moved into my new house my new darkroom got a proper safelight rather then the tempory thing I used to use in the bathroom. It's a 10x8 enclosure with a red filter and 25W lamp which I pointed up at the ceiling. I've done a couple of safelight tests and I don't believe I get any fogging (for the times I've checked) by the level of lighting is so much brighter than my old setup. I pretty much only use VC RC papers (just getting back into FB) and have read that a Amber (OC) safelight is really recommended, is this so? I don't seem to have any problems with my red.