Which of these sounds like a better deal for a total darkroom newbe?

For $200:

Enlarger: Durst M 600
Lens for enlarger: Nikon EL-Nikkor 1:2.6 50mm

25 8x10 arista.edu paper New in box
100 5x7 arista.edu paper New in box
100 5x7 ilford pearl New in Box
Film squeege - New in Box
Kodak stop bath
Kodak developer dried
Ilford paper developer
Ilford fixer
All chemicals new (not sure expiration).

Film bulk loader
Color Filter Set
Safe lights (one is german, needs adapter -- the other works)
Guide Books
Few sets of Tongs
8x10 developing tanks 4
5x7 developing tanks 3
8x10 easels (2)
Peterson micro focus finder
Various chemical bottles empty 1L
1 gal liquid storage container.

Also a premier thermostatic print dryer (70's vintage). for $40

Or I have a chance to get a Besler 23cII with "extras" (not sure what) for $150.

Neither of these are from experienced photographers, they were setup purchased by them on craigslist and never used. I guess my biggest question is, which would be the better enlarger for my purposes. I shoot mostly 35mm color, would also like to get into B&W. I do sometimes shoot 645, 6x6 and 4x5, so ideally an enlarger that could handle these as well. I understand the Besler is probably the most common and has parts available.

What are your thoughts?