So anyone who knows me knows I like "old" things. I shoot with old cameras and lenses, and I recently acquired an old bag to carry said cameras in.

I was at the camera coop in Houston recently, well, maybe a month ago going through the bargain bin and found this old leather and canvas bag that kind of intrigued me.

Upon further inspection of said bag, I discovered that there was a name written on the inside of the top flap, which read as so:

Ken Feil
The Washington Post
Wash., DC

The address was drawn through, but not the name, and below it was written another address, in Miami Florida.

I thought huh, Washington post huh. I bet this bag has some interesting stories to tell. So I talked to a girl who works there and she said $5, so $5 later the bag was mine.

So, did some research on this gentlemen, Ken Feil. And what I found has blown my mind. This gentleman was a very well known and prolific photographer for the Washington Post in the 70's, and was very involved in photographing the watergate scandal.

Here are some of his photographs:

Washington Post Feed | author: Ken Feil

Brief History: Wiretapping - TIME

Hirshhorn Museum Director Abram 'Al' Lerner - Celebrating a Century

Now, some interesting tidbits. One of the photos says it was taken in 1918 by Ken Feil, but he was also taking photographs in the 1970's. He had to at least be in his mid 60's by that time. And I know that he at some point left the Washington post and lived in Miami, possibly when he retired.

Ive called the most recent number on the bag and it is disconnected. Im left to assume that he is no longer with us as this man would have to be close to a hundred today if he was in fact working for the Washington post in 1918.

Which begs the questions how did I come into possession of his camera bag? How did it end up in the bargain bin at camera coop.

Either way, I feel very blessed to have this little piece of history and plan to take very good care of it.

Just wanted to share that with everyone.