I have two, ((I get one each Chrismas from the family) (come visit my darkroom in 10 years!)) I really like them, no light bulbs to change and they do seem fog free. they have two settings one (normally bright) for graded papers, and one really dim for VC paper.
two drawbacks, the light in VC setting is really dim (and safe?) I use the two in a 10x12 foot darkroom and I'd really like a third for the enlarger area, so I can see better. secondly there is no light switch on the unit or even a line switch. you have to unplug them when done, a real pain in the butt.

despite above, I really like them compared to the 15 watt bulb alternative and would recommend them. someday i should do a fog test on the brighter setting, since I only use Bergger and AZO, both of which are pretty slow.