It is nice to see that the database is actually useful on occasion, as I get little indication other than the monthly web site statistics. I have a boat load more data that needs to be added to the tables and a large stack of catalogs, and advertisements that need to be reviewed. It would be great to make this a searchable database at some point, rather than just a big list. But all of that takes time, of which I never seem to have enough.

I think a couple of comments on the data are also in order. All the data comes from manufacturer's catalogs, advertisements, or brochures. If it didn't come directly from a manufacturer generated source, that I have in my possession, it isn't included. All the sources are listed so that folks can go check the primary sources if they so choose. There are duplicate entries for some lenses because in comparing data on the same lens, from two different sources, I found different specifications. Lastly, I only report the data the manufacturer provides, if they only list coverage at infinity, then the other coverage columns are left blank. I have attempted to make the data as accurate as possible, but my dyslexic fingers sometimes have a mind of their own. If errors exist then let me know so I can remedy the problem.