A while ago, discussing the following photo, I was trying to triangulate the position I took it from based on the satellite view of Google Maps.

That was before Street View.

The GoogleCam, being obviously a super-wide angle, gives a rather distinct field of view from the 50mm I used. But what I find interesting is that, even though I'm comparing two images here, I have the intuitive feeling that the Google shot is "reality" whereas my picture is a representation.

Both are representations, utter interpretations, but somehow the Google shot plays on different conventions.

What I found strange, visually compelling:

is also just part of everyday life:

Some people have already started collecting weird grab shots from Street View (muggings in progress, oddities, naked people, etc.), but these pictures only work because they are part of the conventions of street photography/urban landcape.

More Street View coverage in, let's say, the deserted areas, would eventually bring us closer to virtual landscape photography....