I've just bought 10 meter of the Bergger BPFB 18 in order to enlarge copies of negative for albumen print.
I'm trying to make very contrasty negative, i've tried already several formulas of developpers like the Agfa 22 suposly to be contrasty, but the result are still too flat for me.
I don't want to buy developers as i had already lost lot of time getting use to some commercial product that have suddenly desapear, i need formulas.
I know i have to do a lot of testing, what i'm doing so far, but i'm getting lost, until now the enlarged neg i obtein are more flat that my original...
i know this film is not a contrasty one, but there must be a way to make it blow up !
Does anyone doing alternative process is using the same film with excellent result ?
Thanks a lot to share your experience