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Thanks all for good informative comments and advices.

I have taken a few photos yesterday with new 'holes' of varying sizes of 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 or there about.
To me they all produced same blurry un-interested images.
Maybe I am expecting too much from the pinhole.
Maybe I need shorter focal length to accentuate distorsions and/or vignettes to make the images interesting.
I had a good fun building it so don't mind going back to my working shed.
Any good or interesting focal lengths for 4x5?
Like some of the other folks on here said, try changing your focal length and if that doesn't work then I'd try making some more precise pinholes. Personally, I was AMAZED when I started using my home made pinhole's. I could not believe how ridiculously sharp they were for being home made. I make my pinholes with sanded down aluminum from soda cans and sewing needles. Anyway, that's why I found your "blurry and uninteresting" comment a little strange - because if I can do it, anyone can Try checking out http://mrpinhole.com/ if you haven't already. The site is nice because it will tell you how long your focal length has to be in order to cover a certain size (like 4x5 or 8x10).