Enjoy. My favorite camera by far. Was influenced years ago by Barry Thornton to go the SL66 route.

Personally, at least for the 80 Planar, I like the non-HFT better for portraits and macro. Something about the more moderate contrast I like (but by no means "flat"!). Though even for landscape work it's perfectly fine. I have both the HFT and the non-HFT 80 so have been able to compare them directly. The rest I have (50, 120-S, 150 and 250) I shoot with hoods and have never felt "darn, wish I had the HFT version!". The 120-S vs. the 150 is hard to say, they are both no slouches though the 150 is much easier to focus I feel. The newer 120 Macro-Planar is touted as being superior to the 120-S but I've never used the former so cannot say. Most of my macro work is using the 80 Planar alone, with extension tubes, or reversed.

One thing to watch for on these babies is the bottom metal "triangular" tripod plate. Many older ones have loosened some and according to some repair people I've spoken to the only way to tighten them at that point is a jury-rigged drill and pin install to tighten everything up. Though that said one of my SL66 bodies (I have three) is loose like that and I ratchet down a quick-release plate to the bottom before mounting onto the tripod and that seems to take care of that issue.

Recently I bought an adapter to allow use of large-format lenses with #0 Copal shutters. Have not had a chance to make much use yet but it's one of the bennies of this system!

Here's my SL66 set on Flickr, feel free to check them out: