We are surplussing two Saltzman 10x10 enlargers. One is an RP6 ( with a tip/tilt head )with an eightfoot column, the other is the 6' column without the tip/tilt head.

The shorter one has an aristo light source, the other one has one as well, but
it may not be in working order.

Both are in good working order. minor light leaks in the bellows, but nothing a bit
of tape can't handle.

They are located in Clovis, Ca. ( just outside of Fresno ) and must be picked up here. They weigh over 1,000 lbs - so shipping is out ( unless you pay for crating and shipping ).

Either one can be had for $750.00 or best offer ( where is as is ).

We also have accessories ( roll film holder for aerial film, one full 10x10
glass carrier, 40"x60" vacuum easels, etc ). Accessories are negotiable.

Send me a note if interested and I can provide detailed photos of any parts
that you would like to see.