Frugal photographer still has some Solaris 200 in 126 though it's expensive, about $12/roll. I thought someone else made one too, Adox but now I can't find it. Edit: found it...

I bought a few rolls of Solaris and after opening a couple I now re-roll unperforated Portra 160NC and Rollei Retro 400S onto the old backing paper and spool and electrical tape the cartridge together. Works great and I can get 100' of Portra for $24 which makes over 30 24-rolls!

Bulk loading 126 cartridges with Portra 160NC by Harry Pulley, on Flickr

eBay has some too. I used to shoot VP126 as a kid so I still buy some even though it is silly to pay that much for such old film... the old VP cartridges crack uselessly when opened so thus far I haven't been able to re-use the cartridges though I can re-use the backing paper which is the most fragile part really.

VP 126 2 by Harry Pulley, on Flickr