Well, about 2 weeks or so ago, I took delivery of a shrouded turbine which I have posted a picture of elsewhere. If you want another post, just scream a bit.

Today, my high speed mixer arrived. It is capable of up to 6000 RPMs. I've already cranked it up with the shrouded turbine in a 1 L beaker and really mixed things up right and proper. At 300 RPM, it mixes a drop of dye into 1 L in less time than I can measure, giving a uniform solution. It causes little if any vortex, and a small metal baffle removes the tiny vortex that doe form giving a smooth, nearly ripple free surface to the liquid.

At present, the turbine I am using must be rebalanced properly since this was the first use, and I am also getting one 1/2 the size as this one is designed for 1 L and larger and I need one for 1 L and smaller as well. So, I had a fun day in the lab. What about all you guys?

Pictures of the setup to follow as I can get time.