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Thank you all so much!! I was just about to try developing when i found out that i did not have any wetting agent. Just ordered it and now have to wait another week before i can do it.

I have one last question. Can i just take the lead film and thread it into the reel in daylight and then slowly spool it in the changing bag. This is because the first bit of the film is not used anyway. In this way i dont have to struggle in the dark to feed it into the reel and i can also nicely shape the film leader using Fabrizio's method.
I assume you are working with 35mm film. If so, and if the leader is still out of the cannister when you have finished rewinding, it is an excellent idea to prepare the film before loading. You can also begin the loading as you have suggested, as long as you are careful not to go too far.

And by the way, if it were me and I was developing my first film, I would probably go ahead and develop it now. Just get some distilled water to finish the wash. You may end up with a water spot or two, but maybe not. And you are certainly not going to hurt the film by not using the wetting agent.