While looking, I found several options. The two mentioned earlier in this thread or a Like-New 23c III from a fellow APUGer. This one came with 50 and 75mm lenses, 35 and 120/220 film holders and a spare bulb. It was a bit more expensive, but I was fairly certain it would be as described. The owner had bought it new, used it, and knew it's history. These are big factors for me when making a purchase of used gear.

I had almost decided to go for this, but in the mean time, I mentioned my quest to the owner of our local camera shop. He put me in contact with one of his long-standing customers here locally. This customer offered a 23c II with 50mm lens, 35mm film holder, plus an extra bulb. Will have to eventually pick up a lens and holder for MF, once I learn what I'm doing. States it's working and in excellent condition. Price: $80. I can't pick it up until next week, but decided I couldn't let this deal pass. Hopefully I won't be disappointed. Now I just have to get going on building at least a temporary darkroom!