I've tried tacos and sloshers and deep tanks and hangars and I'm back to tray processing for all around even development and convenience. I use a liter of developer in an 8x10 tray. HC110 50:1 or 100:1 is cheap enough or you can use a replenished developer. I alway pre-soak for at least 30s. I use the shuffle method emulsion up, moving the bottom sheet out, then draining it from the corner, and putting it back on top. Just concentrate on what you are doing and realize there is no hurry and you can avoid scratches. The shuffle method is much easier with an 8x10 tray because you can slide a sheet completely away from the rest of the stack before moving it vertically. I don't wear gloves, and I don't worry about chemical temperature changing while I'm developing. With 1L of developer, I don't think my process control is tight enough for it to matter.