I just tray developed a sheet of Arista 100 the other day. I used HC110 at dilution "E" (1+47) and 6.5 minutes, right in the middle of the range they suggest for D76 straight. It was pretty decent, maybe slightly thin, but I think the developer was a bit cooler than 68F (and for whatever reason, didn't check). 5 mL of syrup to about 240 mL of water was enough in a standard 5x7 tray for one sheet. If doing a bunch I might want a little more to cover carry-over loss.

I usually grip the tray by a corner and gently lift with alternating motions between side to side and end to end. Keeping time is my biggest PITA, but I have a silly cardboard thing with a small neon lamp that tapes over my ancient mechanical stopwatch. The top of the container has about a 1/4 inch hole to peep through at the watch. It works, though it was easier when my eyes were 20 years younger!