If the Tech is more then $700 (and there's no lenses included) pass. You can pickup a field camera that will weight less and I think have better movements. It may not have the strength of the Linhof, but will do just fine. In fact why not make a comparison over at http://www.cameraquest.com/classics.htm. Read where the RF cams are not standardized on this model if it is a Super model under 1963. They were ground for each individual lens. They were standarized after 1963. Also read where 90mm and under lenses are hard to use on the camera and the bellows are subject to pinholes. Well, that's per the article so make sure to read it. Personally I looked at these cameras a long time ago and passed. There's better values and lighter cameras around.

Now it has been mentioned about buying a 8x10. I'll tell you right now that if you like shooting a 4x5, an 8x10 (and above) will be on you mind all the time, and before you know it will be watching the ads religiously. First try 4x5 before you make an investment. It is a very different way of shooting and much much different than MF. My likes in LF are the cheap Shen Hao on the one end, and the Arca Discovery with the short rail extension. If you can figure out your favorite lenses, do so and buy a body and bellows that will accomplish what you need.