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I don't like the ball bearings. I pop them out of all my Paterson Super System 4 reels.

Yes, the emulsion side should face inside.

It can get tight at times. I find if you tap the sides of the reels it will come free.

Open up the reel after loading? I don't quite understand. I never open up the reels. I simply pull the film out to remove it though I must say I do it only with wet film which just slides right out after the final rinse.

This is what exactly what I do and as far as the bearings, for those of us who had the Paterson tanks at Brooks Institute we were told to take out the bearing in the reels. I did and load them quickly. At Art Center College of Design they didn't care what we used as long as we got results. I used my stainless steel tanks while there, bought from Freestyle.

I almost always use a stainless steel reels however and use the Paterson system when I have a lot to process. I find there is less hardware to clean with stainless steel. A tank, reel, lid and cap. With the Paterson system there is a tank, reel, center column, retaining clip, lid and cap.

It takes some practice to load film at first but it becomes second nature in no time. With 120 roll film I make sure the leading end doesn't have a corner that's curled, other than that it's about the same as 35mm.

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