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The biggest problem I see with 220 roll film is that it can't be used with the much more common 120 backs. I have no idea what MF camera makers thought when they created this mess, small format cameras could use 12, 24 and 36 exposure film without any modification.
That's because the film fits inside the canister, without no need to modify it except for length.
There was no room on the spool for the longer rolls in medium format unless the full-length backing paper was omitted, creating a product which required different means to produce.

By now it's a chicken and egg problem: nobody would buy a 220 film back on the off chance that one gets the film of choice for it and without such a back nobody will buy 220 film. Contrary to was was written here, 220 backs are not offered that much cheaper than 120 backs, at least not on keh or ffordes.
Oh, really? For Bronica ETR series, KEH right now has a 220 Ei (Ei=latest) back in EX+ for $29, and a 120 Ei back in BGN for $69. They have a 220 Ei in BGN for $12.

A back is 120 or 220 depending on which insert is in it. A 220 Ei insert, EX+, is $8. A much older 120 insert, BGN, is $21.

I prefer 220, and am sorry to see it used so little.