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My sanity left me around the time two camera's simultaneously went missing on opposite sides of the globe at the same time... that said pagan rituals are always welcome!

Seeing as we're up to 18 people already:

  1. Síle
  2. Ron
  3. Steve (oh go on.. you're allowed!)
  4. Franswa (if you're interested)
  5. Mr Banana
  6. Guissimo
  7. Rick A
  8. Matt
  9. Shawn
  10. Moose
  11. Matthew (forget the C3.. it's hard enough with a sureshot!)
  12. rcam
  13. polyglot
  14. John Nikon
  15. Lisa
  16. Semeuse
  17. Toro_Mike
  18. Tim in San Aachen Jose

Do we stop at 20 or at 25.... thoughts please?
Reminds me of a TV Show:

Eighteen Is Enough !