Usagi: we are almost neighbours... i'm sure i can even swim from here to turku... hahaha, totally offtopic: any good places in Turku to buy film or chemicals?

I just want to say that sometimes there are errors, sometimes things happen and they need to be fixed. There isn't any bombproof system that perfom flawlessly all the time. So, i'm not angry with that, in fact i understand it, they charge erroneously first time, then they charge again, so what? there has been a problem, let's all work to fix it. Easy as that.

What it drives me crazy is that they still denied there has been a problem now, it's a nonsense, they even said go and fix it yourself with visa because for us there is not a problem here.
Seriously i have been shopping thru internet more than 12 years now, and this has been the worst shopping ever, the poorest customer service i've ever see, do you understand what is sending more than 10 emails reporting a problem and receiving the same answer every time?
I understand that maybe to keep low prices in these times of crisis companies need to cut somewhere but man, cutting from customer service never, that's a sacred law from business heaven.
Anyway, i hope next week its gonna be all fixed and i'll be doing some happing shooting around...