Ok... we have a FINAL list...

1. Síle
2. Ron
3. Steve
4. Franswa
5. Mr Banana
6. Guissimo
7. Rick A
8. Matt
9. Shawn
10. Moose
11. Matthew
12. rcam
13. polyglot
14. John Nikon
15. Lisa
16. Semeuse
17. Toro_Mike
18. Tim in San Aachen Jose
19. J Rollinger
20. akaa
21. segedi
22. polyglot (we may just take you up on that offer... keep an eye on the thread!)
23. Axle
24. Kraker
25. Jnanian


That's our limit... we stop at 25.. so anyone after this line I am so sorry.. you missed the chance to be a part of this wonderfully exciting round..

Shawn I genuinely do not mind what camera goes around.. if you are willing and able to chase up an L35AF and everyone is happy to go with that then I'm more than happy to go with that.. If Polyglot is happy to provide the film then perhaps we can work something out?

I have Semeuse address for this round.. so if everyone could PM me their addresses over the next week, I can work out the best travelling arrangements for the camera. BUT... no one is allowed to move house or even go on vacation for longer than a predetermined period until we get this camera home...

For those of you new to the travelling camera concept.. from here on in it will take a month or two to get the final list and get our journey started..

Certify us all... we're doing it again....