I love my Tech V. If you get a Tech IV, it is very desirable if you have cammed lenses so that you can use the rangefinder. I use the rangefinder to shoot handheld press-camera style, and for portraits to check focus on the fly, and occasionally even with landscapes in low light, where it might be hard to interpret the groundglass.

Marflex will still grind cams for the Tech IV for about $200 a lens, but you have to send the whole camera to them, because unlike the Tech V and Master Tech, it does not have a zeroed groundglass. While this sounds like a real inconvenience, it isn't really, because they recommend that you send the camera in even if you have a Tech V or MT to check the groundglass calibration and set your infinity stops and focus scale accurately.

If it doesn't have cammed lenses, and you don't plan to use the rangefinder, Wayne makes a fair point. The Technika in general is a pleasure to work with, with all it's solid geared movements, but there are other excellent cameras that are easier to use for a comparable or lower price.