Excellent -- for long pinhole exposures, it's nice to have a model that holds still!

They seem to be calling for rain here, but I think five of the last six pinhole days have been drippy or threatening, so I guess I should just expect it. For some subjects, the reduced contrast can be useful anyway. I have a dozen or so filmholders, so I can take both film and paper and blast away as the mood strikes. I also ran some Arista ULTRA 100 film in my tests. Originally I didn't plan to buy any more 4x5 film since I really don't use that format and the film is pricey, but the stuff from Freestyle is pretty reasonable (and "good enough for pinhole"). I used the Pinhole Designer timing conversions for Fomapan 100. They suggest reciprocity rears its ugly head pretty badly, but I did get recognizable results.