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But I hesitate. My MF negatives and prints seem pretty good in sizes up to 14x16. I have heard all the arguments for moving to 4x5. Why should I stay with MF? Can you talk me out of this move? I am a landscape photographer, and the bulk of a field camera is not a problem for me.
I'm almost exclusively 4x5 at the moment. I can't say enough about how much I like sheet film and the working method it involves.


Shooting LF is definitely different than shooting MF. I would say that if you treat your MF in a slow and deliberate manner, you should have no problem adjusting to the larger camera. If on the other hand you like the ability of having a decent sized neg, but like to move around and do a lot of set ups and variations, I say... Why move to something else?

I know several photographers that for all intents and purposes should have loved LF, but instead found it just didn't "fit" how they worked. It's not a big deal either way, but if it's not for you... The cost of the new purchase could be lots of film and paper to continue your MF work.

Just some thoughts... Whatever you choose, have fun with it.