[QUOTE=DWThomas;1169574]Excellent -- for long pinhole exposures, it's nice to have a model that holds still!

No kidding! I need to make a few more mods...but that's a whole 'nother story! lol! I'm in the midst of making a new outfit for her based on a 1860s pattern I found online and have sized down for her.

I may end up getting some 4x5 for my pinhole camera. I've been debating it - and making a camera around a holder if I can find one cheap online. I've been reading about the different ways to develop the film - and tray or dip and dunk. I've not made up my mind yet so that's a bit in the future for me.

I've loaded the candy cam for tomorrow. I may take a quick shot at break in the morning as my lunch hour will be spent standing in line to renew my driver's license. *sigh*

What is "pinhole designer timing"? I'm still fuddled with the Sunny 16 rule. I just figure if it's bright, use a smaller f-stop on my cameras (I have TWO that are p&s and my Pentax) and that's pretty much what I do...and guestimate from there. Not very scientific.

Hmmm...your "good enough for pinhole" is pretty funny. I'll use whatever I have on hand! lol!