I'm surrounded by pregnant women at work (friends and wives of friends) and have offered to take some pregnancy portraits of a friend of mine. It's mostly a trade for services -- she missed getting similar portraits for her first pregnancy since she was in the hospital for the last 4-5 months of it, and now that we are in Japan there really is nowhere for her to go to get them done (it's not done here). I've always been interested in portraiture but haven't done a lot of it (she knows this), so we're trading modeling for experience.

In any event, we're interested in a variety of possibilities -- likely my apartment as a "studio" -- my walls are a textured off-white colour, I have lots of windows, and I can use a black velvet backdrop as well. However, even with the best light, I'll likely be limited to 400 speed film (at least) within the apartment as I have no other lighting (other than on-camera flash). Depending on the weather, we may also try some outdoor portraits at a local nature park. My plan is to mostly use colour and black & white with the Bronica SQA, and one or the other in my f100, since she has a 2-year old she would like to be in the pictures. If we have extra time or good light I may also try portraits with my Holga and/or pinhole. If we do get outside and the weather is right, there is the possibility to experiment with IR film (HIE or SFX).

I'm okay for colour neg, but I'm curious as to what people would recommend for the black and white film. I normally shoot traditional films like Tri-X and HP5+ (and Acros for 100 speed film), but am wondering if I would be better served with a "creamier" film for this kind of portraiture (she's not the gritty type). Unfortunately I can't buy any c-41 films like XP2 here, and I'm limited by my developers - D-76, Xtol, and Rodinal. That being said, I'm very interested in what others may have to offer in terms of advice for the film (and the portrait session in general).