I don't have too much respect for Mike's Cameras or Wolf Cameras these days. Very little actual film left in any of those shops, from my experiences.

I don't know of any South Metro places, but I do feel your pain. I went through similar problems of my own, looking for a good processor. I don't do my own developing or printing. I don't want to at this point of my life, either. I ended up settling on a place up North more by where I live.

I would suggest doing a google search for all the camera/photo places in the Denver area and looking up the ones closest to you. Give them a walk through, maybe chat up with the counter person to see how they process things, how often, etc.

Don't forget print studios. The place I go to now actually does a lot of photo printing and framing, etc. They just happen to be a full processing place as well (no doubt to develop any shots they take in their portrait studio).

That method (search, then check them out) worked for me. Might help you too.