I was looking at antique cameras dot net (http://antiquecameras.net/rolleiflex.html), and determined that my Rollei is a 3.5F version 2, with the 220 option and a built-in meter. The site says that about 11,500 version 2's were made. I am wondering how many of these had the 220 option and a meter. I am not a collector, and the camera is in user condition. I am just curious. I have a Rollei Wide Type 1 as well (meterless), and the same site says that it is one of about 3,500 Type 1's. This one is in collector condition (i.e. as mint as I have ever seen an old camera). I was just thinking when I saw the 11,500 number, and thought about the fact that mine takes 220 and has a meter, that these cameras may actually be pretty close to each other in terms of how many were made.