I am selling this for a friend who is not very conversant with computers - I am not 100% conversant with large format equipment, so please bear with. Not everything is shown in the pictures. Pictures may improve if I get a minute to re-shoot them. The blacks looked washed out; this equipment actually looks pretty nice in real life.

This package includes a Pelican Case ("King Pelican," like a 1600) with carefully-fitted foam and:

All of the below in excellent cosmetic and working order:
  • Sinar F mount/tripod mount

  • Sinar rail sections (3, one chrome, two black)

  • Sinar F 8x10 rear standard with sinar groundglass

  • Sinar F main bellows

  • Sinar F extension bellows (small bore)

  • Sinar F front standard

  • Sinar F Sinar/Copal Shutter (runs, but I don't have the special cable release. Shutter does cock and trip when you stick a long, straightened paperclip into the quick-release socket. I think I can point you to where to find the cable release). This also requires a DB lens board. I will see if the cable is kicking around somewhere, but don't count on it.

  • Small spare parts

  • Focusing dark cloth

Plus lenses!!!
  • Schneider [Linhof] Technika Convertible Symmar (240/5.6 to 420/12) lens in Copal #3 shutter and Sinar lens board. Glass is clean and clear, cosmetics look great; shutter is hitting more accurately than my medium format cameras (looks like 1.2 sec for 1 sec)

  • Rodenstock APO-Ronar 480/9 in Copal #3 (no lens board) (same solid condition as above)

  • Schneider Converitible Symmar (210/5.6 to 370/12) (everything blacked out but the serial number; some Schneider spots arount the rear element; could stand to be cleaned). No shutter or lens board

He's asking $2,500 or best offer. I have the set at my house, so I can answer questions that can be resolved through reasonable inspection.

Shipping would be extra and at cost. For shipping, this could be broken into multiple smaller packages that could go by mail or UPS. The whole thing is very, very heavy. Paypal is acceptable.