Here are a couple of shots I took with my phone. Don't expect much. I just wanted them for a reference, should I need them later.

What I did;
The ones that look like abstracts are after the ribs were glued to the liner. I used a .012 thick fabric I found at JoAnn fabrics. It was black with a shiny vinyl coating, it was also almost light tight. The ribs were just photo paper, Ilford rc I think. For the exterior I used a very dense fake suede material, it was something like .009 thick. Both of the layers sealed the light tight deal just fine.

What I did wrong;
If I were going to do this again, I would use a little thicker rib material. I was worried that with all the folds the thing wouldn't fold up in the camera, so I was trying to keep everything as thin as possible. On paper it added up to something just under two inches. However with the taper in the bellows it folded into pretty much nothing, about an inch. The material I used on the outside, while (in my mind) looked good, it was a stretchy material. Didn't notice it when I purchased it, but it was a serious pain to glue the inner assy. to the outer skin. I'm not so sure I would have made the bellows so long either. My pattern just barley fit on 54" fabric. I will however be able to shoot fly teeth at 1:1.

The last picture is how it sits this morning. In all its glory, wax paper ground glass and all.

If you have autocadd I'd be happy to send you my bellows layout.

Good luck with yours.