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I just purchased 3 month in advance tickets for 2 people (7.00 each) for one day access to the Wave in Coyote Buttes

Google search images link:

It is on BLM land located on the border of Southern Utah and northern Arizona (6 mile wilderness hike with only 10 people allowed per day) late in July, its going to be hot but wonderful! I will be hiking my Mamiya RB 67 system with Ilford Delta 100, and Fuji Velvia 100 and 50 if I can find it. Is there any other film I should consider. I have 6 backs 3 in 6x7 the rest 6x4.5 in working order but only have 4 darkslides, and one functioning instant film back. I am really excited to do this day hike. I have rigged a belt case for my Soligor Spot meter and am set up for BW with a B+W Yellow #8, and Tiffen #25 Red filter, and some color work without filters. Want to get a clip on lens cover for the soligor though

wish me luck!

Are there any tips for hiknig medium format cameras on moderately difficult hiking trails?

The RB system with 50mm and 90mm and a 2x Tele adapter + a Manfrotto Tripod and pro ball head takes up a bunch of room in my day pack! My main goal is to keep plenty of water on the outside of the pack! I am thinkning of getting a collapsible film reload tent to reload my backs, but I am not sure how much film I can expose reasonably in 5 hours. I really wish I had a second RB Pro s body for this hike.
Congrats on getting into the Wave! We're going this May, and were lucky to be selected out of over 500 applicants for that day. Take lots of water - I understand it's a long hike in and out. And of course, there's no water available anywhere in the area. We'll be "hiding" a gallon or two of water along the way to drink on the way back, plus we'll each be hiking in around a gallon to drink there. Make sure to bring some food and sunscreen as well. The sandstorms can be pretty bad too, so be prepared for 50+ MPH winds.

I would think about taking a little gear as possible due to the weight. You shouldn't need a changing tent to change your 120 film - just use your body to shade the film from the sun when changing and you should be fine. I'll be taking my Hasselblad with the 50mm, 80mm, waist level finder, tripod, meter, and two backs - one for color and one for b&w.