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I have the 5-reel tank, and use ID-11 (same D-76) 1+1 or 1+3. I do 4 slow inversions once a minute. No sign of uneven development so far, touch wood. I wait for the "glugging" to stop before doing the second half of the inversion. That doesn't happen quickly, so possibly your inversions are too rapid to completely mix the developer. Just a thought.
Thank you for the idea. I went back to the 3-reel unit last night and noticed that my inversions are just the tiniest bit quicker than the "glugging" time. I am guessing that the glug time for the 5-reel unit is considerably longer, so I may have been shortchanging the intra-tank homogenization process considerably. When using the 5-reel setup, I will modify my inversions to allow for complete glugging cycles.

By the way, I did not mean to impugn the Paterson tanks in my original post. I have used them forever with excellent results. I am totally satisfied with them.
Thanks, JK